SEO Basics : A Complete Beginner’s Guide


SEO stands for Search engine optimization. SEO is the enhancement of your web pages for better search ranking. Both on-page and off-page SEO are important for your ranking on the search engine and also to increase traffic to your website. A better ranking drives a good amount of organic traffic.

What is Organic Traffic?

The traffic you get from the search results of the search engines like google, msn, yahoo etc.

On-Page SEO Optimization

To get a good rank on search engines are becoming difficult these days as search engines are getting smarter every day. Content always play an important role but to get an edge over competitors, companies need to focus on On-Page Optimization techniques. Indian Digital Marketing has experts who have in-depth experience in optimizing websites on search engines.

Some of the Strategies we use to do On-Page SEO Optimization are:

  1. Title Optimization: Title tag plays an important role in on page optimization, our team chooses title tag keeping in mind the Business/Industry, keywords etc. to get better results.
  2. Keyword Optimization: IDM team does enough research on keywords which is based on market competition to get edge over others.
  3. Meta Tags Optimization: Description of website always play an important role, we carefully choose words that should give search engines a better readability as per the business requirements.
  4. HTML Tags: Highlighting some of the tags of website is very important as search engines gives immense weightage to these tags.
  5. Link Optimization: To get better navigation, IDM team emphasize on inbound as well as outbound links.
  6. Image Optimization: Search engines don’t read images, so we prefer to give Alt tags to all images so that it should have some meaning which in turn gives edge over others.

Benefits of On Page Optimization

  1. Improve your online presence
  2. The website can easily be searched by the target market
  3. Visible to the large audience/users
  4. Return on investments is high
  5. Increased Traffic on the website

Off-Page SEO Optimization

Off-page SEO services will help you achieve higher rankings than your competitors and increase the value of your brand in the limelight to market your products and services. Today SEO has changed and the current form of SEO is different from previous forms of advertising.

This is great because it naturally diverts customers by encouraging them to connect to your website. Using off-page SEO services increases brand visibility in the global market and experiences increased traffic, leads, and sales.

Search engine optimization has proven to be the most effective tool for providing sites in the limelight. Bringing your site to the top in search engines is not a very easy task, you will be surprised to learn that there are many sites struggling to reach the peak.

Of course, the sites ranked on the third or fourth page are not known if you want the audience to become customers. To keep your rivals behind, you must go a thousand more. The demand to appear online requires a good series of off-page SEO that can help you achieve your goals.

Link building is something that requires not only continuous monitoring but also a continuous work process. For these reasons, companies that lack the capacity, time, money, or knowledge to use link building strategies provide quality links to their online businesses.

I always used the internet marketing strategy for link building if careful duplication would lead to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars in additional revenue at a fraction of the cost of investment.

SEO Tools used by SEO Experts:

 Search Engine Optimization is a long-term, continuous and little technical process. Various free and paid tools can be  used to make SEO activity easier, faster and simpler. One can make SEO more effective while save lot of time and effort  just by using these tools.

Free Seo Tools

All SEO tools always help companies to make their website work effectively and SEO friendly, but “To Know if the Website is SEO friendly” is always a challenge for beginners. So here, we are talking about free SEO tools which can help you informed in case of errors.

Google Analytics:

The most important tool available for SEO experts is Google Analytics. SEO experts can blindly use this tool to get high quality and detailed information. It’s a Google dominated web, so avoiding Google Analytics is not possible as most of the important information about visitors or traffic comes from this source.

Google Webmaster Tools:

To diagnose the health of website, Google has this fantastic tool that keeps giving you information of site’s health and the potential issues site is facing. Mostly it works for search and optimization, helping Google better understand your site. 

Keyword Planner:

Keyword planner is another tool that is must for all SEO experts as it will help them to give understanding of how all keywords are placed in competition. However, it’s mostly for Google Ad words but still it’s importance can’t be denied in this Google dominated web. You will be able to get traffic estimates, search volume for a list of keywords, keyword ideas which gives clarity for choosing targeted keywords accordingly.


Alexa is a website that gives ranking to all websites available on the web. SEO experts often use Alexa ranking to position their leadership in the market. It also gives you information about organic search and what keywords are giving you maximum traffic. Simple but awesome tool.

Use these tools and become a highly-profitable SEO expert on your own.

Keyword Planner Tool – First thing to do is to establish your marketing goals and then Search for the keywords with which your target market searches for through Google Adwords Keywords Planner Tool.

Competitive Research Tool – Look for the keywords your competitors in the market are using and how much competition is available on particular keywords. Google Adwords Keywords Planner tool will also show you the type of competition either medium or high on particular keyword.

PPC Tool: Run paid ads on highly competitive keywords since it will take much time to come up through organic search. PPC ads show instant results and one can track the results also to understand how those keywords are performing and invest only on the most profitable keywords.

Backlink Tracker Tool: Through this one can check the paid and exchanged tools. Get alerts when your backlinks have been removed or converted to no follow links.

Rank Checker Tool: This tool allows you to check the global or Indian ranking of your website with the most searchable keywords, Organic Search Visit, average time spent by visitors on your site.

Webmaster Tool: Google webmaster tool allows you to check the URL Errors present on your website. Webmaster crawls your site from time to time and sends notifications to correct the same.

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