6 Simple Tips For Small Business SEO Success

SEO Tips

Here I am going to discuss Six simple tips for Small Business SEO Success. Digital marketing is done basically to make one’s own brand presence, it’s products and services presented in the online world before its targeted customers and SEO is the best tool known which helps an organization to come at first at all search engines whenever the customer looks for it.

To rank good at search engines one should follow the 6 simple steps:


SEO is completely the game of keywords, one should first think carefully the keywords which properly and exactly defines and associate with their products and services to make SEO more effective .Think about d keywords which people generally look for on search engines and keywords related to your business industry.

Google Adwords tool can be used to see how competitive a particular keyword is n based on that if the keyword is competitive enough then choose d long keyword since long keywords are comparatively less competitive.

Meta tags

When u search for a particular keyword on a search engine, you find d same keyword in d title of search result pages, this is because the Google finds the specific page or the description on that page relevant to your keyword.


Quality Content should b used. It must b original, unique and most imp it should b search engine friendly .a fresh and relevant content is important to attract more traffic on your site n thereby making it more popular and also it increases site credibility before visitors.


Getting quality backlinks to your site is more important rather than getting a large number of irrelevant links. for that, u should submit articles, blogs, newsletter, press releases or any other imp news or information related to your industry in various popular directories. If your content is being liked then some websites or bloggers may also b interested in linking back at your site.

Use of Social media

It’s imp to make a concrete online presence at social media sites also such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google plus etc. Since social media sites send signals of influence and authority to various search engines.

Keywords for images/graphics

Images and graphics placed on d site also play a significant role in doing SEO search results are based not only on content but also on images, proper Images speaks louder than content so the relevant keyword in the title and description of the image should b used which helps site is getting higher in search results.

These were the 6 simple and easy tips to make SEO more effective and fruitful to you. 

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