Identify and Remove Bad Backlinks

Identify and Remove Bad Backlinks

How to identify and remove bad backlinks for your website, rejection tool

The question of who will speak this time will not let us fall into the punishments that Google has prepared for those who practice unnatural SEO. And this type of SEO, also known as Black Hat SEO, can be good in the short term but very harmful if practised without control.

That said, don’t forget that we too can fall prey to negative SEO, for example, by our competition. This is why we will try to give two ways to detect links that are harmful and how to make Google not link to them.

Free backlinks detection method

Keep in mind that the method we will talk about is not the most recommended because it is not 100% accurate. However, if we use a fairly reliable tool that is free, we can get a trial version of Traffic Travis and see all the inbound links we have on our website.

How to remove inbound link

Once this is done, if we see that we are unnaturally linking a lot of inaccessible website pages and anchor text, then we believe that they try to harm our website with a barrage of links in some way Talking on the Penguin network, which won’t cause another fall.

Payment method to locate your website link

But if there are some tools capable of detecting the quality of the vast majority of our inbound links that can help us detect them in a very simple way, one of them is Link Research Tools.

Tools for external link detection Link research tool

A device that values ​​one hundred euros a month, but can help us automate these tasks.

How to find and remove your website link

Basically, this tool is to check all our links and see the anchor text and variety of its root and IP level domains. At the same time, it evaluates the quality of the site in question and gives us a rating in green, yellow and red, to indicate that the link is good and red, to indicate that the link is good and red, as soon as possible. Need to get rid of.

Another payment tool to know if links point to a website, Ahrefs
The other tool I talk about, the one I use now, is called Ahrefs. Personally, I like it, it’s easy to use, I think it’s not expensive for utilities that can be provided, it allows you to compare different web data according to your rights link , Which come from many different IPs etc. If there is very important data then we see why a network of competition is on us.

How to know which links point to my website

A free version of this is limited to only several links, but we can try to get an idea.

How to distinguish these links from Google? to abandon

Once we have reached this point and seen which links are causing significant harm to us, we have no choice but to do these links on our website. To do this, we can contact the webmaster or you have linked with us, as well, if you want to improve a faulty link building strategy, you can contact us directly from Google.

This modification would serve a major search engine known as “uncleanliness”. Google’s webmaster tools include an application and that will allow us to eliminate the impact of those links.

Use of Goole Webmaster Tool

First of all, we have to use our “webmaster tool”. Once inside we have to take the following steps:

Identify and Remove Bad Backlinks by Google Disavow Tool
Identify and Remove Bad Backlinks by Google Disavow Tool
  • Click the “Search Traffic” option
  • Click on “Link to your site”
  • Once inside that section, we’ll enter “with more links to your site” and we’ll click on the “more info” link.
  • The final step is to download everything so that the CSV
  • Next step, once you download all the links, we will take you to reject yourself. To do this you need to follow these steps:
  • Entering the page disables the link tool.
  • Click the button that allows you to close the malicious link.
  • Finally, just load the file you’ve previously downloaded, and Google already has the record you want to close.

Finally, it must be remembered that once we realized that Google would be in the spotlight for such actions, for a time, because we would check if we were criminals. So we would have to think a lot about What will be our next steps SEO. But not only that, but we should also be aware that the link we send is not immediately cancelled, as it is a process that can take days or even weeks.

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