7 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website in 2022

Increase Traffic to Your Website

Getting a domain and creations a website is easier now. Increase traffic to your website is the main part of a blogging career. You can start a website with WordPress or other blogging platforms. But drive or increase initial traffic to your website is very difficult especially for the new bloggers. More traffic means more money.

Hi everyone, I am Saroj Meher, today I am going to discuss how to drive initial traffic to your new blog.

7 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website in 2021

1. Write Unique Dedicated Article

Content is king. You content should be unique and to the point. Many blogger try to write too long article in order to rank in search engine faster, but don’t do that. Always try to write long article but no so long that a reader gets bored and diverted.

You should try to write to the point of the topic. Try to avoid discussing off-topic.

2. Write Attractive Title for your Blog Post

Just like a cover page is the mirror of a book, an attractive title gives a best click through rate to your article on the search pages. So try to write attractive article but related to topic.

3. Do On-page SEO

On-page SEO is the most important part to rank your article. You should use proper meta title, meta description, and meta keywords in your article.

It helps your article to rank on specific keywords. You should use proper heading and sub-heading in your article.

4. Focus on Long Tail Keywords

Besides short keywords, you should try to focus long-tail keywords in your article. Long tail keywords give positive signal to the search engines. You can make long tail keyword by used more than short keywords.

5. Social Media Engagement

Social engagement is most effective method to Increase Traffic to Your Website. Try to encourage visitors to share your article on different social media platforms.

6. Create Relevant Backlinks

Backlink is another important factor for blogging. A quality backlink give positive signal to the search engines about your blog, that helps to rank your blog in top positions.

7. Advertise ( Paid Method )

Last but not the least, Advertise is the alternative method to Increase traffic to your website immediately. Although it a paid method, but it increases traffic suddenly and organically. It is genuine. You can use Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc. for this purpose.

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