Social Media Marketing : Best Strategies 2022

Best Strategies for an Effective Social Media Marketing

In this article, we are going to discuss the best strategies for Social Media marketing. In today’s era, Social Media Marketing is the best tool to promote your product or service online and increase your reach among masses.

There are many social media sites available. It aims at getting maximum traffic at the site. It’s a platform which allows individuals and the companies to interact with one another and build relationships and share their ideas and views

Keeping a good idea with you isn’t a good idea but sharing it with millions on social networking sites is a good idea. But to make maximum use of these sites following things have to be kept in mind:

Strategies for Social Media Marketing

Choice of Right Tool/Site

Which social media site to use for your business promotion and enhance your presence according to the specific industry is an important decision. If you want to target only the professionals then Linkedinshould is used.

An E-commerce site like Jabong, Myantratargeting youths should go for Facebook and famous celebrities maintaining their social page should use Twitter to connect with their audience so on for the other tools like Youtube, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram depending upon the need and the target audience.

Creative Page Design

The page should be designed in such a way that it has got the maximum potential to attract users and allow them to comment, like or share their views on it. The design should contain proper company name, logo and the link to the site.


Maintaining regularity and spontaneity at the social media sites is essential to bind users with it. It can be done by posting something interesting, informative, updating company news, achievements, innovations etc. Engaging maximum people is important to enhance your presence in the online world. Continuity has to be maintained to keep in regular touch with the people and getting constant feedback from them.

Defined Target Market

The target market should be clear in mind before starting a social media campaign like the age group, location, gender, interests, that you could hit directly at the target and penetrate into the market easily.

Spending Budget

If the paid campaign is being run then the budget has to be kept in mind and spend as and when required. As the reach of the Facebook page can be increased by creating a paid ad. Your preferences according to the Location, Age, Interests, Gender can be set.


Content must be Google-friendly and fresh. Content is the base for all online marketing since it’s all the game of keywords online. Efforts should be made to write content that people feel like sharing it with their social network.

If all the above-mentioned points are noticed carefully while doing social media marketing then the results are sure shot. The increasing scope of social media marketing has created a new job in the market as Social Media Manager and the need for Social Media Agency also. For an efficient and effective social media campaign, the help of experts in this field can be taken.

Social Media Marketing on Twitter

Twitter is an online social networking and micro-blogging site that enables users to send and read “tweets”, which are text messages limited up to 140 characters which are displayed on the user’s profile page and delivered to the followers.

This is why information on twitter is found to be crisp and effective. Every day, millions of people use twitter to create, discover and share ideas with others. Now, people are turning to Twitter as an effective way to reach out to business, too.

From local stores to big brands, and from brick-and-mortar t internet-based or service sector, people are finding great value in the connections they make with business on twitter. Besides, tweets also get indexed on Google, which dominates the world of ‘SEARCH’.

Your tweet will show up in the google search result if somebody enters related keywords to search for. Twitter is an influential communication platform letting users post and updates in real-time. There are many reasons why one should market his/her business on twitter, some are mentioned below:

Spreading out Information and News

Twitter is linked with many useful sites and articles which can be a good source of information for the user. You can also give the latest update about your business on twitter as there is a wide range of users who frequently tweet information on different niches.

Promotes and enhances brand image

as said earlier, everyone is using twitter to promote his/her company’s product and services and is the best tool for branding in today’s time. You do not need to be a big brand to start your promotion on twitter, even if you have just started your business twitter can be used to promote and enhance your brand image.

Getting feedback

Twitter helps you connect to your customers which in turn creates a strong communication between the two. Now that you are connected to your customers you will for sure get feedback on how to improve your product or service or even improve customer service. Listening to them will help in the long run.

Increases website traffic

Twitter drives in a huge amount of traffic as there is n number of users who are very much active on it. You tweet about your website and it gets scattered among the people as many users pick it up and retweet it. This is how you will get to know how viral twitter can be.

Can target specific niche

One of the most important facts about twitter is that you can target a specific niche or audience. Through it, you can find people with similar tastes and interests. It’s all about networking which is created on twitter, you build your own following and tend to create a long term relationship that might result in a sale in the future. Retweeting the post that your followers submitted to the others lets you build your prospects base.

Enhances search engine optimization

As already explained in the above point, twitter helps to drive traffic o your content on your website. You just need to tweet your URL in a much-personalized manner. But one thing you need to make sure of is that the content on your website should be good and informative so that it holds the interest of the customers.

Twitter on mobile

Twitter is very much compatible for mobile use too, so you can send and receive messages through mobile making it more happening and easy.

Cost effectiveness

One of the reasons to use twitter is you get to market your product or service free of cost, there is no charge for signing up and operating a twitter account. So it is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach customers and prospects around the world. And now that twitter can be used through mobile it has become even easier and time-saving.

Being informative

Amongst the various usages of twitter one most important could be that it can be used as a good source of information, both to give and gain. For instance, if you are a chief, keep sharing your views and guidelines and tips on the same through twitter and can even include a link to your website for the additional website.

Offers free widgets and apps

You can easily implant link to your twitter feed into your website with a supple assortment of free widgets and mini-application available.

Social Media Marketing on Facebook

Facebook Research & Development Team works regularly on how to give a better experience to users and this time they have come up with few innovative tools for publishers to connect them with users on Facebook more effectively.

Target Interests:

This feature of Facebook has the ability to target posts to a section of people that like your page. For Example, you can use this feature to post a story about Sports game which will be visible to only people who like the teams playing. 

Post End Date:

This feature will allow publishers to fix the day and time to stop showing the post in News Feed. It means that out of date posts will only appear in your page but won’t show in News Feed.

Smart Publishing:

This feature allows publishers to identify the popular posts and publish stories that are popular with Facebook audience.

Improvement to Insights:

Intelligent insights about traffic to websites is one of the various improvements Facebook has worked on. It will give you insight into why the specific post has reached to more people than others.

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