Google Analytics: A Complete Guide For Beginners To Get Success On Business

Google Analytics: A Complete Guide For Beginners To Get Success On Business

About Google Analytics

Google Analytics remains the best tool to analyze your website performance with a complete report. More than 50 million website owners trust the Google Analytics tool as a powerful and robust application. Since it is a free tool, every site owner can use Google Analytics to understand the visitor’s activity on your site. 

Do you want to know how users engage with your site? Use Google Analytics and get your audience demographics that bring a root to your brand growth. The main reason for the wide use of Google Analytics is, GA is extremely a free tool providing all necessary information required for your business to take proper decisions.

What Exactly Is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free website analyzing tool that helps webmasters to know the website traffic. The report from GA gives you the complete metrics of your website performance and knows the insights about your target audiences. GA tool connects directly to your website to collect the information and provides you with a report to create stronger content that probably increases ROI.

Why Is GA Important For Business?

Google Analytics is a powerful tool to get information about your visitors and website. More than 56% of business owners use Google Analytics to track their website performance and find information regarding your website visitors. The following are some important data that you get from Google Analytics:

  • The overall traffic that your website gets.
  • The place where your website traffic comes from.
  • Page traffic for individual pages.
  • The conversion rate of your leads
  • Get the demographics of your target audiences.
  • Know where the traffic comes from (mobile or desktop)

As a website owner, everyone can benefit from Google Analytics which leads to a better understanding of your site.

How To Track Features In Google Analytics?

Google Analytics provides the right way to make a marketing decision based on your website data. GA remains the proof for marketers who are investing in online advertising. Now, let us see the top six tracking features of Google Analytics to get the in-depth analytics of your website.

1. Get Audience Reports

Get Audience Reports

Google Analytics provides website reports that are accurate to track your performance. The audience reports give useful information for developing upcoming campaigns and offers an accurate picture of your audience behavior, their interest, and demographics. This specific report helps to understand which of your products attracts more audiences. 

Know the tendency of each of your products that attracts new customers. Also, make your content better to increase the possibility of attracting huge audiences. 

2. Track Your Outbound Links

An outbound link is a great source to drive plenty of organic traffic to your website. Every website has a bounce rate which is a metric that determines the audience interest on your webpage. Generally, online businesses consider success depending on the traffic they gain during the page visit. 

How can you gain and measure huge traffic? Build outbound links that direct to any of your website pages. Drive huge traffic to different domains and engage audiences with quality backlinks. Create a landing page with powerful content that gains the audience’s attention and makes conversions better.

3. Set Up Goals

Set Up Goals

As business owners, what are our goals? It may be leading the visitors to take any actions like becoming a lead, a subscriber, a registrant, or an applicant for the job. Each conversion leads to success in your business. If you make your website perform according to your business goal, you will reach success soon.

Here are some steps to set a goal for your website to track your audience behavior:

  • Move on to the admin section available on the bottom left.
  • Select the Goals option in the view section.
  • Then choose a new goal button visible at the top.
  • After naming your goal, select destination under the type section and click continue.
  • Enter your website URL under the goal details and enter your page name along with the URL under the funnel section.
  • All will be set when you click the save button.

4. Connect Google Analytics With GSC

GSC (Google Search Console) works similar to Google Analytics. It is a valuable resource to find the insights related to search results. But compared to Google Analytics, the reports from GSC are harder to understand. So, it is better to connect your GSC account with GA to get more accurate reports.

After the combination, you can get the report available under the Acquisition section. Using the report, find the website performance on the search results. If we do not connect these tools, the reports remain blank. 

How to combine Google Analytics with Google Search Console?

  • Go to the Admin section and click the Property section available under the second column.
  • Select the “Adjust Search Console” tab in the Search console section.
  • Then connect your GSC account with Google Analytics.
  • Click save at last to make all sets.

5. Link Google Ads To Google Analytics

Google ads provide a way to advertise your business on the Google search engine. Since most of the website owners come across Google ads. So, it becomes important and difficult to track your ad performance. To make your ad traction easier, combine your ad account with Google Analytics to know the accurate information of your website performance.

Connecting Google ads with analytics tools, you will get metrics of how long a visitor spends on your website by visiting through your Google ad. Also, get the report of your paid visitors in comparison with the organic visitors. 

How to connect your ad account with Google Analytics?

  • Navigate into the Admin section of your Google Analytics account and click Google Ads linking in the second column.
  • With the instructions in the GA tool, complete the linking process and get the in-depth behavior of your Google ad campaign.

6. Review The Reports

After performing the above actions, complete and regular traction of your Google Analytics account is necessary to gain success in your business. The first report to know is the Medium/Source report that provides the data about the root source of your website. Also know the medium where you get the traffic i.e., from search ads, display ads, email, banner ads, etc.

With this information, you can determine and allocate the marketing budget to your online business. To get the Source/Medium report, move to Acquisition -> All traffic -> Source/Medium and identify which page gets higher traffic.

Final Thoughts

Every website gains an advantage in using Google Analytics. Though it is a free tool, you will get valuable metrics of your website by knowing the audience traffic. For beginners, Google Analytics is a user-friendly tool to gain a handful of reports. As the installation process is easy, sign up for your GA account and perform the above metrics to power up your website performance.

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