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From Ideas to Logo Designs with Killing Tips

Creative logo design is one of the prerequisites for selling a successful brand. Because it makes the product logo looks unique and attracts a large audience.

Therefore, graphic designers should keep in mind that the newer and more creative your idea is, the more it will increase your work demand and income. This article will discuss everything from idea generation to logo design and how to design a logo.

But what can be your concern is training in logo ideation and logo design steps. In this article, from the series of logo design training articles, in the first place, we try to teach logo design imagination in a way that leads to the creation of new and innovative designs. In the second stage, we express the steps of good logo design. In fact, in this article, you will see how to design a good logo and be conscientious and creative in design.

How to become a logo designer? What are the steps to being a professional logo designer? Is it easy to become a logo designer? How is the logo designed? Logo design is one profession with countless followers among graphic designers.

This demand is that every business, small or large, needs to have its logo to introduce its product and service to people well and attract many fans. As a result of this demand, the competition in this field of work increases day by day. The issue of how to become a logo designer has become essential for many people who want to engage or advance in the field of logo design.

Now, you will learn what a logo is to understand the great importance of the logo fully.

What is a logo?

The logo is a symbol of the organization that identifies the purpose and mission of the business. The right logo shows what a company does, and its brand value and logo design create a visual brand suitable for a company.

Nowadays, when things go very fast, you have less time to impress your customers. So this has to be done in a very stylish way. If the logo design is well done, it will tell the company’s story by expressing your brand concepts in a way that helps to communicate emotionally with the target audience.

4 practical steps in starting logo ideation

  1. Expressing ideas

To create attractive logos, try to express every idea that comes to your mind. Never try to censor yourself for ideas and not say what is on your mind.

  1. Start writing

Write your ideas on paper from idea generation to logo design. Write down any idea you can think of, whether good or bad. Even the worst ideas in history can help you develop new ideas. So just write it down without thinking about the quality of the idea.

  1. Select the time to generate ideas

Everyone experiences different mental states during the day. One of these situations is the peak time of creativity in logo design. This situation can be different for each person. Sometimes 5 minutes before bedtime, sometimes during lunch or early morning breakfast. Find this time and choose the right time to develop new ideas.

  1. Give ideas a chance

After making a list of your ideas, try not to pass them on for a while. What happens next will undoubtedly be amazing. Just try.

How to design a good logo?

Do you find logo design easy? You probably need to think more about this. Creating a visual identity for a brand is more than just putting a brand in a square frame. Since logos are the first impression a company creates in the audience’s minds, logo designers also have many customers.

The audience’s initial impression is essential because it can affect the customer’s perception of the brand, purchasing decision, and overall attitude towards the product. So how do you design a good logo? In the continuation of the article, from idea generation to logo design, let’s discuss the features of a good logo and the steps of attractive logo design.

To design a good logo, it is better to first look at the features that can make a logo look great.

  1. Simple

Simple logos are logos that people can recognize and remember the most as soon as they see them.

  1. Scalable

A good logo should be easy-to-read to add or subtract dimensions and look good.

  1. Impressive

A great logo should make an impact. You want to get the viewer’s attention and make a positive impact.

  1. Versatile

A great logo should look just as good on any web device and print type.

  1. Related

The logo design should correspond to your industry, and the logo should have a meaning related to what you do.

Now that you have learned the features of a good logo, it is time to move on to see how to use tools to create your logo.

Professional logo design maker

If you do not have the well-performed computer to design software such as Photoshop and Illustrator, you can design your logo on your browsers. The following will introduce some handy logo makers.

There are many online logo makers for making logos, and each has its characteristics. Each design may work with one or more design software depending on its taste.


The first online logo design program on this list is DesignEvo. This is a straightforward and easy-to-use logo maker that all users, from beginners to professionals, can use and design a beautiful and professional logo for their brand. It is an online logo maker driven by a substantial built-in well-designed template, so you will have many ideas to start your logo design.


Another of the best professional logo-making and design programs is Canva. Canva is an everything editor program. In it, you can edit everything from movies to photos and make it to your liking.


Large commercial and advertising campaigns are not created overnight. Essential points in logo design: It is essential to create a logo that works to create your brand’s visual identity and helps you run a successful business.

By following the professional logo design tips, you can create a great logo to grow your brand.

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