How to Start Money Blogging (For Beginners)

How to Start Money Blogging (For Beginners)

The Blog

Before even starting Money Blogging, it is necessary to know what a blog really is. The term blog is actually derived from the word Weblog or Web log. At the time, in the late 1990s, these web logs were used by individuals to track updates and references to other online resources. They served as journals, which made them useful as a publication tool for the user’s consciousness stream. Of course, readers can always comment and share their thoughts on just about anything under the sun.

Technically, blogs are also called CMS or Content Management Systems. Being a CMS, blogs allow writers to easily post to a specific website and manage content without having to manage program code. The publishing software also provides users with a graphical interface or graphical user interface to easily point and click on their articles. Through the use of easy-to-do procedures, you can do configurations and set up which can make your job as a blogger easier since the tool can automatically organize your published posts the next time you publish.

The Advantages of Blog

The main question is; why should you start blogging? The first thing you need to know is that blogging can improve and support your online communications, not just Money Blogging. However, you must first understand the outcome of your blog that you desire in order to be successful. The main reason you should start blogging is that it can be both a great outlet for your frustrations or your excitement. What excites you and profitable at the same time. This doesn’t mean that if you don’t like blogging, you shouldn’t blog. Being in a business, especially one that deals on the Internet, requires you to establish a customer base that is genuinely interested in your products or services.

Blogs can do this easily because of their accessibility and being a great marketing medium, blogging is essential for business. More so, if you are running a business, there is a good chance that your competition will blog about their products and services. It’s an easy method for you to examine the competition and what their customers’ preferences are.

Additionally, blogging can build strong customer relationships because your target market can easily and directly communicate with your business authorities. It’s hard to resist this kind of opportunity because a strong customer relationship can eventually lead to lasting trust in your products and services; therefore, possible increase in your income.

How to start a blog as a business – here are 7 steps to help you start a blog for profit. Follow this step-by-step guide that shows you how to become a blogger who brings value to your readers.

How to start a blog and make money

We already discuss how to start a blog for free and start making money. In this discussion we will discuss how to start a blog professionally, not just to make some money, but create a brand and make it grow gradually.

8 Pro Tips to Start Money Blogging

1. Find a blog idea (business idea) that suits you!

In order to figure out how to start a blog, we still have to go back to the basics of determining a great blog idea.

We’re “in shape” again – blogs are like business ideas – they need to be tailored to you, your personality, your interests and your expertise.

2. Check your competition

Another important factor in knowing how to start a blog is to take a look at your competition to determine what they might be doing? It’s good market research! Spend time on their blogs …

What the competition is doing well – can you incorporate that into your blog? What ideas do you have to improve your blog compared to the competition? How can you write your blog to incorporate information that you don’t see readily available? What will be your voice on the Internet – witty, humorous, serious, empowering, etc.?

3. Think about some ideas for domain names

Sit down with a notebook as you learn how to blog and start jotting down a variety of names that match the intent of your main topic idea and / or spin. This will give you and your business a head start in figuring out a great domain URL and give you the most flexibility and traffic for your business blog early on.

4. Find your domain name that suit your Blog

When you’re first figuring out how to start a blog, it’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to do it as cheaply as possible. Don’t do it with your domain name !!!

Your domain name will cost you around $ 10 – take this step! This is important and will save you trouble on the road. Remember, it’s like any other business and take the right steps!

Find a domain that has your specific topic in the domain name – this will help you with the search engines and building your traffic organically over time. Maybe you can even get your “spin” in the name to add character to your domain.

Try buying a .com or .net URL – this will best serve your business as these are the most recognized beacons on the internet (this may change over time, but for now they remain the norm). Avoid “cute” or “weird” domain names – while they are fun at the moment, others may totally miss your point if they find you on the Internet.

5. Choose software / Hosting for Money Blogging

When learning how to money blogging one of the main decisions you will make is choosing blogging software and hosting sites, be sure to compare apples to apples (not oranges). Many sites that claim to be “free” are anything but free. There are some perceived cheap options in the hosting world (at least it looks like you’re just getting started!)

However, these options can cost you more in the long run as they don’t actually provide you with a Business Creation System (BBS) and the support you need and deserve to make your life easier and help you get on with it. grow your business. When comparing options, be sure to consider your short and long term needs for your business blog. Ask yourself which tools will be important for your business blog over time.

There are many different blogging platforms live WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc. available in the market. You can also create your own customize website in HTML or PHP, but it is requires high programming knowledge. I suggest you to go with WordPress, because it is so customizable that with a single click you can do your customization, SEO and all.

You will want to read the fine print and check the site restrictions to determine if they will work or could negatively impact your future business plans.

Does your host provide training (you will need this for any type of business and software you use)? Look for a system that includes everything you need to start a business – this includes built-in elements that offer keyword research, built-in software to make it all work together, e-zines, quality monetization templates , constant upgrades as the internet and Google become smarter and supportive forums to help you grow your business.

Beware of hosting systems that require you to pay extra for every little plug-in you need to build a successful business. With this type of hosting model, you are billed for each business software, including separate fees for your domain name, domain hosting, blog software, word search plugin – keys, new commercial plugins, premium templates, zine support, traffic analytics, even extra charges for additional traffic as your blog subscribers grow, etc. It can cost your business a fortune!

And when you learn how to start a blog, be sure to take advantage of all the tutorials on offer. This will be of tremendous value and benefit to you and your business – remember you are learning a whole new industry and a whole new language. There will be specific nuances that you will need to learn every step of the way. Keep learning and building your blog to look professional to your visitors.

6. Create good quality content for your visitors

This is a VERY important step when starting a blog. Content is King. In order to get success in Money Blogging, You want to provide your readers with good quality information – and you’ll want to have a minimum of 30 pages, but 50+ is much better to start with. Each of your pages should contain between 350 and more than 500 words (<350 is not enough to provide valuable information to your readers).

If you are planning to make your blog a business you will need to write competently for several hours every day … which is why it is so important to love your topics and write about what you know and what you interested. Many bloggers will quit because it’s work and it’s a business! It takes dedication, just like starting any other business.

Quality content needs proper on-page and off-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is the most important and necessary part of Money Blogging. SEO helps you to rank your article in the top position in the search results. We have already discussed about SEO thoroughly.

When we talk about how to start a blog, we would be remiss if we did not discuss the need for good quality original content. Your content should be interesting, honest, and you should be yourself when you write. It means that you can be witty, charming, motivating, or robust depending on your personality. Keep it real! This will keep your readers engaged, interested, and come back for more of your great featured articles.

Write your blog content for people with a short attention span – this is not a novel where people will stick around until the plot ends. They will seek to obtain their information in short periods.

7. How to start promote your Blog

In order to get success in Money Blogging, you have to drive quality traffic to your blog first. Beside Search Engines, Social Media is also the best platform to get noticed for your blog. One of the best ways to promote your blog is to gain organic traffic through the use of specific keywords that your visitors are looking for. When you use the right keywords, search engines will reward you by offering your blog site to readers around the world. Be comfortable identifying the specific words searched for in your niche.

Be sure to tell your family and friends about your blog – ask them to visit you and give you constructive feedback. Make the necessary changes that you think will help your blog.

You also have to create quality backlinks from other website same with your blog niche. It means a lot.

Affiliate Marketing also helps you to promote blog online with some cost or no cost. You should give it a try.

Post your blog link on your social media websites to encourage your social friends to visit your blog. Look for other media opportunities to market your blog. You can also advertise in print magazines, online websites, or share links with other bloggers to encourage their traffic to visit your blog.

8. Monetization Your Blog

This is last but not least, as it the most most important step to get success in Money Blogging. Found a good Ad Networks which gave you a decent amount of money as per your visitors’ quantity and quality. There are so many Ad Networks like AdSense, Media.Net, etc to monetize your blog for money.

Who knows … maybe your friends will ask you how to start a blog and you can send them here!

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