Best Blogging Platforms To Start A Blog For FREE

Best Blogging Platforms To Start A Blog For FREE

Best Blogging Platforms To Start A Blog For FREE

Hi firiends, we are going to discuss about the Best Blogging Platforms which can help you To Start A Blog For FREE in this article. It is not enough that the doctor is good. It also matters where you establish your practice, right? For any blogger, choosing the best blogging platform is almost as important as the content you are looking to sell.

This article is tailor-made for anyone trying to start a blog for free. You want to end up with the best blogging site that is easy to use, easily customizable, and pleases your readers’ eyes!

Are you thinking of expressing your opinion on the web? Or even trying to make a good profit by writing their opinions in the field of Internet at large? By the way, you have a wide range of free blogging sites available to start a blog. Of course, the best blogging platform you choose is entirely dependent on you and your needs.

Short reviews on the 7 best blogging platforms are listed below to help you decide when to try to start a blog for free.

Best Blogging Platforms Compared

The Best Blogging Platform to Startup:

WORDPRESS – Most popular blogging platform

Almost all prospective bloggers and current bloggers will have heard of WordPress during their blogging journey or at least during their research on it. On this campaign, one is forced to hesitate for a minute before choosing between and users are more on the lookout for free blogging sites, while requires user hosting, which means they have to shell out a few dollars to get the most out of it, but it gives them the right to own you completely Lets blog.

Find out its pros and cons and decide if this is the best blogging platform for you.

The pros

  • Very good content management system.
  • is an open source website builder that increases your flexibility.
  • The varieties of the theme make it highly customizable for bloggers. The benefit for is definitely here.
  • There are many free plugins available for that give you a lot of variety.
  • If you want to generate income from your blog, you can always go to It is one of the best blogging platforms for e-commerce.
  • This gives you many possibilities to learn and expand. If you find it difficult, there is a host of forums and communities to help you along the way.

The Cons

Self-hosting for requires you to put some money into it. But hey, the more you are willing to invest, the more profit you can earn, especially if you use a blog as part of your business, not just as a hobby.
There are limited plugins and layouts available for, but it is still on par with other blogging platforms.
It takes time to become familiar with all the features before you can get the maximum benefit and hence it is time consuming and challenging for a beginner.

Difference between WORDPRESS.COM and WORDPRESS.ORG

The basic difference that can be attributed to trying to distinguish between the two is the domain name. If you’ve looked specifically, one has a .org extension while the other has a .com extension. Now the mystery begins! Go ahead and read the cool features that make them different from each other. – This is a software services-based company that provides general hosting services. – It is a more informative data container that basically contains information related to the written press and its various aspects. – Provides completely free hosting services. However, the installation part is a bit tricky. – This service is free and an open source platform that provides quality products to its users. – Not Customizable. Custom plugins and source code modification are not allowed. – Customization is quite possible. Modifying the source code is easy to get the best benefit. – You have to pay to remove those third-party ads. – No such payment fees are required.

WEEBLY – Easy drag and drop website builder

Although it is another popular blogging platform, Weebly is now mostly used as a website builder. With Weebly, you can run your blog in no time.

The pros

  • Easy drag and drop option when creating website content providing visual interface
  • It gives you ease of use. You don’t have to be a tech lover to find your way around Weebly
  • Attractive layout and layout options
  • It does not take much time, because it is easy to learn how to achieve it.
  • Ideal for users who want to create a small or simple website
  • Free hosting services offered for your sites.
  • A platform has been created for e-commerce
  • Monetization. Weebly offers several options in this area, such as AdSense, banner ads, and third-party code.

The Cons

  • It is not an open source website builder. It does not provide more flexibility than other players on the platform.
  • There is a one-page restriction for free and initial plans: 5 pages for the first and 10 pages for the second. However, two updates are available in the starter plan.
  • Adaptive skills decrease
  • It does not support additional plugins that are already integrated. So there is no option to install more plugins of your choice.
  • Not ideal for those who want to generate income using complex websites

BLOGGER – Best free blogging platform & Powered by Google.

BLOGGER or BLOGSPOT is always best and reliable as it is from GOOGLE.

The Pros

  • You will be provided with a custom domain name which is basically in the format
  • It offers special free hosting and publishing works are run by the site itself.
  • If you are a beginner, then this free blogging site is definitely recommended for you as it provides easy to use graphical interface with step by step.

The Cons

Blogger specific benefits are very good. However, customization features are not readily available and there are some types of limited edition graphics and themes for them.
As it is relatively easy to use, the site only offers limited or no support services. However, you can search the web for any help you need when starting your blog.

Tumblr – Best blogging platform for all microblogging

Tumblr has its own position among free blogging sites. This is definitely a great area that basically deals with community-based updates and posts and has a one-stop-shop look with its lined image galleries.

Listed below are some pros and cons that will help you differentiate it from other best blogging platforms and give you a clear understanding of which platform for your specific needs. Go ahead and check them out.

The pros

  • Simple and minimalistic features align with a great user interface that helps you start your own blog for your specific purpose.
  • Similar to social media sites, it is more of a community-based website with an excellent online image gallery that includes re-blogs and similar features.
  • High end premium themes are available at an affordable price, besides providing affordable hosting features. Starting a tumblr blog is free!
  • Offering attractive apps for a wide variety of smartphones on the go makes it a great choice among the best blogging platforms.

The Cons

  • Customization functions according to your needs are not yet available for this comprehensive platform. This is a major downside of this amazing free blogging site.
  • Only limited widgets and options are available to use.

SQUARESPACE – Best blogging platform for publications

Being able to create a high potential website with increased functionality is a specific thing that is in high demand in today’s market scenario. There are a variety of potential website builders to meet your respective needs and Squarespace is one of those free blogging platforms that provide additional functionality.

However, you may want to examine the positive and negative factors before concluding whether this is the best blogging platform.

The pros

  • It is easy to make and very functional. In fact, the platform is very comfortable to use.
  • Ease of use and flexibility factors are very high. Great themes are available for you to use.
  • Fast full-time support is available for all squares users.
  • End user updates are not required and all theme and plugin updates are done on the server side.

The Cons

  • Not suitable for sophisticated and high-end users who demand more professionalism than a given design. However, there are minimal design options available if you wish.
  • Premium packages are slightly ahead of the cheaper range.
  • It is not an open source platform.

What is a good choice that is among the other best platforms? Important!!!

Hope you have some idea about the Best Blogging Platforms To Start A Blog For FREE available in the market. When it comes to building your blog through a standard blogging platform, there are many services available online that provide the same at a cheaper price. In this great competition, what is worth noting is the medium blogging platform.

Listed below are some rules and conclusions that Medium is the best blogging platform for your best blogging and business needs.

The pros

  • The target audience is very good. This type of platform has a lot of exposure available.
  • It is easy to use and quite compatible.
  • It claims an affordable cost for hosting and similar functions.
  • Typography is something that you are sure about. Such material looks very good here.
  • Updating and maintenance is done by professionals, so you don’t have to worry about regular update tasks.

The Cons

  • Its big disadvantage is the stiff competition. Content and things posted must be highly exclusive and over the top.
  • Personalization features are not available and there are a limited number of themes to choose from.
  • Exposure to the audience is limited to the duration of the work.
  • The design is not exactly what is specifically offered here. It is more of a content-based website than a free blogging site.
  • What is and additionally the side of the horse for other blog platforms?

Ghost – Best blogging platform for Publishers, Entrepreneurs, and Developers

This original website, a new blogging platform born in 2013, has taken the Internet by storm. It is a specialized free blogging platform developed solely for blogging purposes and stands out for its exclusive, fresh and rich content and excellent user experience.

Listed below are some of the features that help you determine the applicability of this blogging platform designed to serve your specific business objectives in general. Go see

The pros

  • It is very easy to use. The website is very easy to use and is very functional in all its aspects.
  • The thing that makes it more attractive is its excellent simplicity. It is very flexible and is also suitable for naive users. It is in high demand for all blogging newbies.
  • Abstraction is provided on a whole new scale. Site modulation is specifically done to accommodate the different content and design needs of the users concerned.

The Cons

  • There is a shortage of real users for this platform and you can especially see that this platform is still in the beta testing phase of the test lifecycle.
  • Widgets and plugins are missing on this platform, which is a huge disadvantage compared to other similar sites.
  • Being new to the market, this particular platform largely lacks basic user reviews.

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