10 Pro Tips To Buy A Domain Name

Pro Tips To Buy A Domain Name

Buy a domain name to make it a brand. A domain name is not just a website name, rather it represents the whole online business. So always keep in mind to choose a perfect domain name for your brand. A domain name should be unique, easy to remember, and most important, it should be related to your niche/topic of the website.

You should think a lot, I mean let’s time spend to think carefully to pick up a perfect domain name as it is one time. One time means it can’t be changed after you bought it.

10 Pro Tips To Buy A Domain Name

1. Study Other Website’s Domain Names

For better understanding, you can check some website and their domain names for your reference. Study how they choose their domain names and niche topic. For example, if you are working with News niche, then your domain should contain the word News, or if you work with blogging, affiliate marketing, WordPress, SEO, your domain should contain words related to these topics.

There are so many domain picker tools to find out some domain names for you. If not satisfied with their results, you can find a good domain name by slightly modifying it.

2. Pick A Domain Name – Easy To Write, Speak & Remember

Buy a domain name always that is easy to speak, write, type and remember for people. That makes a lot of sense. If a person kept your website name from their 1st visit, it is a great thing.

Domain name should be meaningful and well pronounced. If the visitor hard to recite or speak your website name, then your website slowly goes to garbage.

3. Buy A Short Domain Name

You must notice that a short name is easy to remember and deal with always. Choose a name that is short, good if one word, but meaningful. I know it is very difficult to find a one-word domain name, as nowadays almost all short domain names are booked. In that case, consider choosing a two word domain name, not long.

4. Prefer to Buy TLD Domain Extension

Top Level Domain Extension are .com, .net, .org, etc. Try to go with these. Because it is used by people from so many times. Although there are so many domain extensions are available now, although country wise, but I prefer you to pick one from those TLD Extensions.

If you didn’t find any suitable domain name, then go with country specific domain name, just like .us for USA citizen, .in for Indians, like wise.

One more thing to remember, although the average length of a professional domain name is 15 characters, but try to keep it shorter as possible.

5. Avoid Trademark in Domain Name

This is most important to remember while buying a domain name. Always avoid to use branded names like Google, Facebook, twitter, Microsoft etc. to use in domain name.

6. Avoid Hyphens in Domain Name

It is a common belief that hyphenated domains were easier for search engines to analyze, thus having better SEO value. But not like that always. It may be penalize, if you use it in a spammy way. So keep your domain name out of hyphens, although it has two words.

7. Numbers should be Avoided

So are numbers like hyphens. Like hyphens, numbers should not be used in the domain name, if you want to make a brand. Make it out of numbers, as it looks spammy. You can easily find domain name of your choice by just adding some numbers. I suggest you avoid it. It is not professional.

8. Check Social Media Identifiers / Handles

Before you register your great idea, take a few minutes to see that it is already in use as an identifier or handles on social media platforms by anyone. Ideally, a customer’s domain and social media identifiers / handles matching always create a stronger brand. Visitors will feel more confident about finding your customer online and will have more credibility when he shares all the interesting things that he is doing.

9. Search For A Cheap Domain Registration

Domain registration is very crucial. I advise you to keep eyes always on different domain registrar for a better price. Many Domain Registrar provide TLD domain at very reasonable prices. Many times they give offers to buy domain at 90% off for a period of time.

Some domain registrar gives a TLD domain FREE for one year with their hosting plans. So it will be more profitable for you if you grab that offer, as you will get a free domain for one year. After that, you can transfer your domain to a different registrar for cheap renewal.

10. Buy Domain from Well Known Platform

Buying a domain is not just like buying vegetables form market. Last but not the least, it is the most important before buying a domain. You might face many problems if you didn’t choose a good reputed domain registrar.

Hope you enjoy it. Plz Give your valuable comment and thoughts. Ask me if you want any help.

Thank You.

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