Five Reasons To Keep On Blogging

Five Reasons To Keep On Blogging

If you’d prefer to keep on blogging, then this post is for you. There are several reasons why I maintain the blogs that I still have. Here are a few to be going on with.

1. Love Of The Topic

I could talk and write about writing all day. That’s the main reason why I keep blogging on Get Paid To Write Online. That is my main blog, and my pride and joy. I love finding new approaches to the topic and taking inspiration from other bloggers in this area. If you are writing about something that truly excites your passion, then keep on blogging, and people will flock to your blog.

2. Helping Others

Sometimes people need a little guidance as they navigate the blogosphere. Many successful blogs are based on providing the information that people need to do whatever it is they need to do. Pro-blogger helps those who want to blog professionally. Any wired caters for those who work at home. My blog addresses writers who are looking to start or manage their writing careers.

3. Having A Community

Go to any successful blogging site and you will notice a sense of community. You often see regular readers and commentators who have got to know each other through comments and by visiting each others’ blogs. Look at the top commentators on this blog and you will see what I mean. As you meet other bloggers, not only do you build a community on your own blog, but you become part of the blog communities on other blogs. Not only is it fun, but it enriches your blogging life. I’ve got a bunch of regular readers on my blog and I value their comments, opinions and, in some cases, friendship.

4. Earning Potential

Money may not be the main reason you started your blog, but wouldn’t it be nice if it brought in some pocket change? That’s how I felt about Get Paid To Write Online, so when it started bringing in a bit of dosh, that gave me even more reason to keep it going.

5. Self Promotion

Blogs are a great way to let people get to know you and your work. Everything you do appears in the search engines, so even if you’re not thinking of your blog as creating an image, maybe it’s time to start. Use your blog not just for social purposes but for business purposes. People like to feel a connection with real people, so be real and keep that connection going.

These are five good reasons why you should keep your blog, and why I’m keeping mine. Got any to add?

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