How to add a countdown timer in Klaviyo?

Email marketing remains a cornerstone of digital communication, offering direct access to your audience’s inbox. However, amidst overflowing inboxes, standing out is a challenge. Klaviyo countdown timers inject dynamism into your emails, catching the reader’s eye and nudging them towards your desired call-to-action.

Simple steps to add a countdown timer in Klaviyo

Accessing your Klaviyo account: Log in to your Klaviyo account using your credentials.

Go to the email template editor: Once logged in, go to the Email Template Editor where you can create or edit your email campaigns.

Select or create an email template: Select the email template you want to add a countdown timer to, or create a new one from scratch.

Insert a text block: In the email template editor, find the area where you want to place the countdown timer. Insert a text block or select an existing text block where you want the timer to appear.

Create a countdown timer code: Open a new browser tab and visit the countdown timer generator website. There are various online tools available that allow you to customize and generate countdown timer HTML code. Some popular options include CountdownMail, MotionMail and Sendtric.

Customize your countdown timer: Customize your countdown timer to suit your preferences, including duration, style, colors, and timer text.

Copy the HTML code: Once you’re happy with the setup, copy the generated HTML code for the countdown timer.

Paste the HTML code into Klaviyo: Return to the Klaviyo Email Template Editor tab. In the text block where you want the countdown timer to appear, paste the HTML code you copied from the countdown timer generator.

Preview and Test: Review your email template to make sure the countdown timer is displayed correctly and works as expected. Send test emails to yourself and colleagues to make sure the timer displays correctly on different email clients and devices.

Save and Schedule: Once you’re sure the countdown timer is working correctly, save your changes to your email template. Schedule your email to be sent on your desired date and time, taking into account the length of the countdown timer and the urgency of your message.

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