Angular Notification Message Component

Today, I am going to share a very simple angular component to display alert messages on top of the page. With these notification messages, you can display any action like success, error, warning etc. These notification messages design in multi-color so that you could choose notification as per your choice.

Angular Notification Message Component


1. Download from npm

npm install ngx-notification-msg --save

2. Import the NgxNotificationMsgModule module

import {NgxNotificationMsgModule} from 'ngx-notification-msg'

3. Add NgxNotificationMsgModule to your module imports

 @NgModule({ ... imports: [ ... NgxNotificationMsgModule ] })

4. Import the NgxNotificationMsgService service in any angular component

import {NgxNotificationMsgService} from 'ngx-notification-msg'

5. Inject the NgxNotificationMsgService service in the angular component’s constructor

 constructor(private readonly ngxNotificationMsgService: NgxNotificationMsgService) {


6. Now you can use ngxNotificationMsgService service{
    status: NgxNotificationStatusMsg.SUCCESS,
    header: 'Hey',
    msg: 'How are you today ?!'


Use the NgxNotificationMsgService service in any angular component you like.


open(inputsConfig: INgxNotificationMsgConfig, element?: Element): void

Enums & Interfaces

export enum NgxNotificationStatusMsg {
    INFO = 'INFO',
    NONE = 'NONE'

interface INgxNotificationMsgConfig {
    status?: NgxNotificationStatusMsg;
    header?: string;
    msg: string;
    delay?: number;
    closeable?: boolean;

See live demo and download the source code.

This awesome script developed by maormoshe. Visit their official repository for more information and follow for future updates.

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