Why you need Communication Skills

Why you need Communication Skills

Why you need Communication Skills

Communication skills are the most essential asset for anyone to achieve success in today’s competitive world. Companies are giving more importance to soft skills during a job interview. You can never raise your personality in society/team without communication skills. Achieving success in a brilliant career or interview for soft career is essential. Never understand soft skills as an educational requirement but as a component of your personality. Without communication skills a great intelligent person can not achieve anything in personal / work life.

Different types of soft skills are:

1. Interpersonal skills.

2. Team Working Skill

3. Creative thinking.

4. Decision Making Skills

5. Problem solving skills

6. Memory and logic techniques

Most parents of the day encourage their children to study well so that they can get a “good job”, which can earn beautiful pay. There is no doubt that this is a good thing from the parents.

But what about other options (skills)?

Recently, a specialist said in an interview that “it can be true that it is for students who get more than 65% marks in their academic qualification, get jobs in reputable companies, and also a fact that these companies have secured between 50% these companies have started 60% points from “.

Therefore, to build and lead a successful team, you may be able to successfully communicate with your team member. You can never become a leader without these soft skills All great leaders of history like Abraham Lincoln are also a wonderful communicator. Just look how Obama trends his favourite Hillary Clinton using his great communication skills.

For example, famous personalities like Bill Gates (Microsoft), Lawrence Ellison (Oracle) and Michael Dell (Dell Computer), etc. are all general students during their school days and some are college dropouts. They created great companies by motivating people with their ideas and leadership skills.

It is not to suggest that you do not have to work hard in the academic qualification exams, but with the studies, equipping yourself with all the skills needed to think outside the box and succeed in becoming highly competitive today. Think about doing world.

Good thought: “Success is nothing but 1% inspiration and 99% sweat”. “A successful person is a skilled person”.

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