How to Solve Problems in Family Life

How to Solve Problems in Family Life

How to Solve Problems in Family Life

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Men are from Mars and women from Venus There are many differences in his personality and attitude. Not just a couple of systematic marriages, but couples of love marriage are also often quarreling with one another, after some time of married life because they fail to understand these differences.

Quote: “Marriage is in heaven and divorced on earth”.

Marriage is a sacred relation because two people who are unaware of each other are united together in marriage, completely reaffirming faith and belief in each partner. The main underlying factor in marriage is love (which is godlike). Both are equal and they should try to understand and respect each other’s feelings and thoughts. If they lose faith and love on each other, then naturally little fights start and complain against each other.

1. Frequent complaints made by husbands against husbands:

• Men never try to understand them.

• They never respond to the feelings, interests and needs of their wives.

• Men prefer the physical appearance of women rather than the beauties of the heart.

• If men have sexual desire, then they do not keep in mind the mental condition of their spouses when fulfilling that desire.

• Husbands do not speak cute and always have anger on their nose.

• Do not take domestic responsibility and leave the responsibility of the children on the shoulders of their wives.

• When he keeps the house neatly in “Spike and Span”, then he did not win his half-hearted heart completely.

• They often take unilateral decisions without consulting their wives, because for some time they have a bad effect on their children.

2. Complaints by husbands on wives:

• Women spend most of their time on “make-up” and show more interest in unnecessary discussions with friends. Nothing more is needed for them.

• Wives often want to dominate their husbands.

• Wives only express their happiness, whenever husbands bring presentations and gifts for them.

• Women often feel sex as a corporal punishment rather than enjoyment.

• They behave like plant leaves, by name, “do not touch me”.

• Whenever they talk to other women, they often suspect their husband’s integrity.

Unless they spend most of their time in the shopping, they do not find happiness and also get peace of mind.

Suggestions of both partners:

• Always keep in mind; Both are equal in the sight of God Almighty.

• Some of the above complaints may seem silly to the opposite sex (male or female), but they are not strictly speaking because every complaint has its own importance.

• It is not less than their dignity, but the moral responsibility of respecting and fulfilling the desires of the opposite partner’s thoughts and ambitions.

• There is no place for anger in married life, and only “to understand love, peace and mutual understanding, to live in happy family life.

mention. Quote:

2. “Problems are always there, but you should not be part of the problem”.

2. “I did not marry married life with petty matters (quarrels)”.

3. “You two made for each other”. “This is God’s plan for both of you to live together”.

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