Complex personality and Their Behaviour

Complex personality and Their Behaviour

Complex personality and Their Behaviour

Man’s behaviour, behaviour, values, thoughts, goals and achievements in life depend only on self-confidence. No other thing affects life so effectively, as much as confidence. Humans must have faith in their intellectual powers and energy. The person who does not believe in himself and respects him, he can not believe the surrounding society too. He can not live happily and is also not able to withstand the problems with confidence.

People with full confidence appear with the following signals:

1. They deal with responsibility and we can safely rely on them.

2. They fulfil their promises in any situation.

3. They are honest and have strong determination to do any work.

4. Import importance to moral values.

5. Never hesitate to learn new things.

6. Effortlessly try to improve individually and try even at your level to protect your personality.

7. They express their opinion independently and even if others have opposed their ideas.

8. Have plenty of creativity in them.

9. Treat both success and defeat as a part of life and do not be afraid of them and take lessons from them and move on in life.

10. If they do sincerely, never accept the praise of others.

11. They are not extraordinary and exhibit natural human emotions like joy, sadness, pain etc. along with happiness.

12. They strive to provide support to society within their limits and abilities.

13. Others regard them as their ideal.

14. The seeds of self confidence are seen since childhood and events that occur during childhood and society also help them to grow in faith.

The person suffering from inferiority complexes shows the following symptoms:

1. They can not mix with the people of the society

2. As there is no faith in them and expect that they will only win defeat in all their work

3. Usually, in the beginning, most of us make some mistakes in our efforts in doing any new work, and later we improve them. But those who lack self-confidence take these mistakes as their inefficiency and become frustrated.

4. They always nurture negative thoughts and often resort to any new program.

5. They are always second to others and can not independently express their opinions and opinions.

6. They criticize others as a defense act and behave without responsibility, and prefer to stay away from society and to be alone.

7. They can not tolerate “change” and whenever others support or love them, they feel that others are doing it with a selfish motto.

8. They always experience bad events due to their negative thoughts.

9. The emotional feelings of anger, fear, anguish, jealousy, insults etc. are very popular in them and can not control them due to their weak mentality.

How to remove the inferiority complex?

1. Develop positive thoughts, like “all are equal in the sight of God”.

2. Try to know and keep in mind about yourself, plus point to you and try honestly to make them better.

“Nothing is impossible for humans” – Napoleon, the famous emperor of France.

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