Discover Popular Content for Your Blog

A big part of blogging is figuring out what to blog about, and blogging about what’s hot in your niche could increase your traffic and win you some Diggs and Stumbles. Would you like more readers? Then keep reading as I reveal four ways to discover popular content for your blog.

1. Browse Message Boards, Forums and Groups Related to Your Blog

Search Google for message boards, forums and groups related to your blog. Read through the posts to find out what people are asking about the most, and then blog about it.

2. Research Keywords

Using your favourite keyword tool, enter the name or title of the subject you want to blog about. Next, study the results to see which phrases are the most popular; the popular phrases are the ones you’ll want to choose for your upcoming blog posts. For example, let’s say your blog’s parenting blog. Using your favourite keyword tool type in the word parenting. If you’re using the keyword tool from Wordtracker it will return the top 100 keyword phrases, and one of those phrases is parenting advice. Now, if you click on parenting advice, the keyword tool from Wordtracker will reveal more keyword phrases. You now want to select a popular phrase from one of those phrases, and step-parenting advice could be the one you select. That’s it, you now have a topic to blog about, and step-parenting advice appears to be popular enough to write about.

3. Explore Current Trends

If something is hot at the present time, a blog post on that trend will be popular and could increase your readership as well as your RSS subscribers.

4. Surf Over to Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble and Scan Through the Bestselling Books

Select a topic and book related to your blog. Not only are these popular titles, but they can also give you a variety of ideas to blog about.

Those are just a few of the many ways you can discover popular content for your blog. Go ahead, give it a try. Grab your pen and paper and start researching for popular content using the methods mentioned above. Good luck and happy blogging!

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