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Angular Date & Time Picker With Moment.js

It’s a great date and time picker for Angular that you can use in your Angular project with plenty of customization options. Angular Moment Picker is a native AngularJS directive for date and time picker that uses Moment.js and does not require jQuery. Installation Get Angular Moment Picker from npm, bower or git: Include style and script in your page: <script src=”//”></script> <script …

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Customizable Progress Bar for Angular | ngx-progress

An angular progress bar library that creates a customizable and flexible progress bar with an arrow to visualize the http request and / or the routing change while preventing user interaction. NgxProgress is a customizable Angular library to display a progress bar during http request and / or routing change (or whatever you want) and …

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Material Design Date Picker For Angular Material

A Material Design date picker built with Angular Material and Moment.js. This cool material design date picker makes your angular shape more attractive, you can easily attach this date/time picker to your angular app. HTML CSS JS This awesome script developed by alenaksu. Visit their official repository for more information and follow for future updates. Saroj MeherHowdy! friends. …

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Angular Gradient Progress Bar

An Angular module to make a linear or segmented gradient progress bar on the app.This angular package provides 2 variants of the progress bars that can be used: a. Advance Progress Bar b. Simple Progress Bar Installation npm i angular-gradient-progressbar Import the module inside your page module. Usage Inside your page.component.html You need to specify a …

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Password Strength Meter For AngularJs

This angular password strength counter used to calculate and display the strength password so that the visitor can choose the best strongest password. It is used to display the password strength with visual feedback. PasswordStrengthMeter uses zxcvbn to estimate password strength and also provides visual feedback with suggestions and warning messages. Password Strength Meter For …

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Angular Material Design Scroll To Top Button

Lightweight, Material Design inspired button for scroll-to-top of the page. No dependencies. Pure Angular! This is a Lightweight, Material Design inspired “go to top / scroll to top button” with no additional dependencies. Just hit the button to smoothly scroll back to the top of the page. Features Lightweight (~10 kB) No dependencies Material Design inspired @angular/material compatible example Component …

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