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Creative Link Building Ideas for Link Love

Be honest with yourself, how many times have you skipped reading a link love post by your favourite blogger? You’re not alone; many others, including myself, do the same thing. Why? Because we read...

Five Lessons From The Blog Black Hole

Last week I lost my blog; in fact, I lost two. Seems a bit careless, doesn’t it? But it wasn’t my fault. Here’s what happened. On Friday I posted to Get Paid To Write...

My Blog Needs a New Theme – What Option Should I Choose?

Most bloggers like to change their blog theme from time-to-time to maintain a fresh look for visitors. Ideally, you’ll probably want to make major changes to your theme every 1 or 2 years and...

Don’t Leave Your Readers Out

The past two weeks I posted about SEO topics of Google Page Rank and using some older Best Practices when marketing your web site.  I also want to give you a reminder of Rule #1 for blogging: Don’t...

Are You Truly Engaging Your Audience

About a week ago I opened my mailbox to discover a booklet of coupons from Ralph’s, the grocery chain that operates here in Southern California. About 24 pages long, the booklet was filled with...

Speak to your Readers with Click-to-Call Widgets

One of the biggest trends in technology today is increased seamlessness between all of the different tech tools that you use. VoIP technology is a main player in creating wireless seamlessness because it connects...

Throwing the Baby Out with the Bath Water

As a blogger, I’ve found a lot of inspiration for things I have written by reading the comments in the blogs that I read.  I have learned a lot of new information from the...

Discover Popular Content for Your Blog

A big part of blogging is figuring out what to blog about, and blogging about what’s hot in your niche could increase your traffic and win you some Diggs and Stumbles. Would you like...

12 Ways to Increase Your Freelance Blogging Workload

Over the past few years blogs have increased in popularity and there seems to be more and more multi-authored blogs popping up all over the place. These blogs that are run as a profit-making...

How to Create Your Audience

One of the issues that bloggers struggle with is getting traffic. There are two aspects to traffic we need to be concerned about: QuantityQuality Which do you think is more important of the two? If you...