6 Simple Tricks to Make Your Android Phone Work Faster

6 Simple Tricks to Make Your Android Phone Work Faster

As you know the importance of mobile phone is our life. It is very irritating for us, If mobile phone is working slow or getting hang again and again. Here we have shared some tips which will help your Smartphone to work faster.

Uninstall and disable unused apps

You don’t want to allow apps that you never use to take up space on your device and potentially eat into battery life. Cancel out internet access. You might want to leave Google and third-party apps such as Facebook, for example, but it’s best to take steps. Stop installing apps.

 You might want to leave Google and third-party apps such as Facebook, for example, but it’s best to take steps. Avoid gaming. Keep in mind that Android devices come with limited battery life, and gaming, while the device is charging, will only help to deplete the battery more quickly.

Keep your device clean

Change passwords on social media accounts Set up encrypted messaging on your phone so that only you and the people you have what you need to make it simple to protect your devices while retaining access to them. Microsoft Continuum with the Motorola Z3 is Microsoft’s latest phone, featuring.

Powerful Ways You Can Use Facebook Apps for Business Facebook Business is one of the most important channels that enterprises are using to engage their audiences and grow. Quickly find what you’re looking for with these ways to make. Quickly find what you’re looking for in these ways to make. Google’s Fight against Android Ransomware Is Moving From PC To Mobile Although Android ransomware has been present on Google’s platform for a while.

Avoid unwanted notifications

Don’t receive unnecessary alerts on your smartphone Turn notifications off for everything except the most important ones Disable push notifications Wipe all your data Keep your data safe.

Keep your screen on low

While most phones can operate at normal speed, some require you to keep. Turn off other programs It’s no big deal if you don’t use anything else on your Android phone but you do want to keep battery life to a minimum. Just click the settings in your phone then click the developer option and then finally click to disable any unnecessary services. 

Choose your style all the style in the world isn’t going to help you if your Android phone is slow.If you want the slick look of an iPhone, go to Settings > Security and Privacy > Touch ID and you can turn off the FaceID.Quit and reboot It’s kind of like resetting your phone, but for your Android. Most of the time your Android phone will be down to the bare minimum required to function, so turning your phone off and on again will usually.

Customize your settings

Before you can set anything up or play with any settings, make sure you go through the Settings. Under the More menu, scroll to the very bottom and tap the Edit button. Scroll down until you see the More settings button. Scroll down, tap on Storage, and check the box for “Delete old/unused apps”.Note: You’ll have to reboot your device before Android deletes any files. Manage app permissions A few apps can request access to a whole lot of information, and these requests can slow down your device considerably.

Optimize your battery life

Download tons of apps that aren’t necessary Download tons of apps that are unnecessary but might be useful at some point “Free” is a dangerous word Avoid the Google Play Store. make your apps from third-party sellers Create a full backup before installing a new app Remember, Google Play Store apps use about twice as much storage as apps from third-party sellers App Orientation Android phones rotate.

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But sometimes your orientation can mess up app scaling on your device. If you’d rather work around this problem, you can simply set your device to lock the screen orientation or use a third-party app to fix the issue. Use a card-based launcher to make your phone look more like a tablet or a laptop.


Smartphones are used pretty much all day long, so you definitely need a phone that lasts all day on one charge. Of course, you also need a phone that is capable of running the most powerful apps with the best graphics in the fastest way possible, without any issues.

Whether you own an iPhone or an Android phone, you must install a battery optimization app on your phone to keep it running efficiently on all the apps you use. We’ve done the hard work for you, so let’s look at the best apps for battery optimization. There are a lot of good apps that you should use if you need to stay power efficient and try to get as much life as possible out of your battery. We have listed a few of them in this article, but to find more apps check out our Android app guide for the best battery apps.

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