Password Strength Meter For AngularJs

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This angular password strength counter used to calculate and display the strength password so that the visitor can choose the best strongest password. It is used to display the password strength with visual feedback. PasswordStrengthMeter uses zxcvbn to estimate password strength and also provides visual feedback with suggestions and warning messages.

Password Strength Meter For angular 10

Get Started

Step 1: Since this lib was depending upon the zxcvbn lib, install it first

npm install zxcvbn3 --save

Step 2: Install password-strength-meter

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npm install angular-password-strength-meter --save

Step 3: Import Password Strength Meter Module into your app module

import { PasswordStrengthMeterModule } from 'angular-password-strength-meter';


    imports: [
export class AppModule { }

Step 4: use the password-strength-meter component in your app.component.ts

  <password-strength-meter [password]="password"></password-strength-meter>


passwordInput()stringpassword to calculate its strength
minPasswordLengthInput()number8min length of password to calculate the strength
enableFeedbackInput()booleanfalseto show/hide the suggestions and warning messages
colorsInput()string[][‘darkred’, ‘orangered’, ‘orange’, ‘yellowgreen’, ‘green’]to overide the meter colors, password strength range is 0 – 4, for strength 0 equals first color in the array and so on
strengthChangeOutput()numberemits the strength of the provided password in number -> range 0 – 4

See live demo and download the source code.

This awesome script is developed by antoantonyk. Visit their official repository for more information and follow for future updates.

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