Point Of Care Testing (POCT)

Quick and accurate test results can help a health care provider provide the best possible care to their patients by allowing them to make more informed decisions.

Instead of sending a sample to a laboratory, point-of-care testing, also known as near-patient testing, involves performing a test with a gadget or test kit in the presence of the researcher.

To keep care quality high, several cutting-edge point-of-care gadgets take use of technology advancements.

POC testing, or point-of-care screening, is healthcare testing performed at or near the point of care.

POC testing may be done by anybody who has not had professional laboratory training.

Nurses, physicians, and medics are employed, as well as customer testing.

Only a few instances of near-patient testing include malaria antigen scanning, pregnancy tests, glycaemic management, urinalysis, and other sorts of testing.

Simple samples of body fluids (such as saliva or urine) or blood through a finger prick are commonly required for these tests.

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