Guide to Develop Flutter Web App

Flutter, the most loved cross-platform UI SDK from Google, is widely considered technology specific to mobile app projects.

Flutter was conceptualized to reuse the same code across mobile, desktop, and web platforms from the very first release.

Flutter is now a fully-fledged SDK for web development as well. 

Flutter is increasingly being preferred for building web apps for several reasons.

Apart from code reusability, flexibility with tools, and the scope of modular customization through widgets, Flutter also lowers the development cycle and cost to a minimum. 

Flutter is low footprint technology but can easily handle massive amounts of data.

Flutter comes with inbuilt widget support for adhering to both Material Design and Cupertino to address UI elements of both iOS and Android browsers.

Flutter is also great for developing Progressive Web Apps (PWA). 

Flutter is known for the high-speed rendering of animations with 60 frames per second speed.

Flutter, with a modular architecture, fits into MVP web projects and offers startups the option of incremental development. 

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