Ford Faces $1.7 Billion Verdict in Fatal Rollover

Ford Motor Co. is having to deal with a potential $1.7 billion in reformatory penalties including a 2014 rollover of a Ford F-250 pickup truck that left two individuals dead.

The Gwinnett County jury determined that Ford should be indemnified for selling 5.2 million Super Duty trucks, which plaintiff's attorneys said had dangerously weak roofs that crippled passengers.

A Georgia couple, Melvin and Vonsail Hill, who were driving a 2002 Ford F-250 Super Duty truck from their farm when the right front tire burst and the truck rolled over.

A Ford spokesman said Saturday, "While our sympathies are with the Hill family, we do not believe the verdict is supported by evidence, and we plan to appeal."

The $1.7 billion judgment is considered the largest in Georgia history and unusually large for an accident-related lawsuit involving an auto maker.

On Thursday, a Georgia jury awarded $24 million in compensation to plaintiffs Kim and Adam Hill, the children of the couple killed in the crash. The jury assigns 70% of fault in the case to Ford,

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the company has issued 49 recalls this year, the most of any auto maker.

Last year, Ford set aside more than $4 billion for warranty costs, up 76% from five years ago. The car company's overall warranty expenses grew by about 17% from 2016 to 2021.

Mr Halliburton spent 17 years at JD Power, an independent research firm that specializes in vehicle quality assessment and study.

“We are putting more time and emphasis on making sure everything is fixed to prevent quality issues from appearing later in the development process,” said Mr Halliburton.

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